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High Profits

When getting rid of excess items popular options include giving it away (Goodwill), garage sales, or storing the items away thinking they will be used. Goodwill, giving it away, is simply effort on your end decluttering and getting nothing in return, besides lost time. Garage sales take lots of time, effort, and negotiating for an unsatisfying return on the money. Storing items away is just kicking the can down the road and not putting a solution in place. We will take a deeper dive into the financial benefit of choosing us over the three routes primarily taken with extra objects.

Garage/Estate Sale

Our business offers a more convenient and efficient alternative to garage/estate sales. Hosting a garage/estate sale involves a lot of time, effort, and uncertainties, such as weather conditions and local foot traffic. In contrast, our online approach eliminates the need for physical hosting and reaches a larger audience, maximizing the potential for sales. Our research-based pricing strategy ensures that items are competitively priced to sell quickly, generating higher profits for our customers minimizing the effort by our customers.


Compared to Goodwill, our business offers a more financially rewarding option for selling unwanted items. While Goodwill is a charitable organization that relies on donations and typically offers low prices for items, we aim to maximize profits for our clients. Our commission-based model means we only earn a percentage when items are sold, aligning our interests with our clients’ to achieve the highest possible selling price. With our business, clients have the opportunity to earn more money from their unwanted items, making it a more financially rewarding option compared to donating to Goodwill.

Storing Items Away

Choosing our business over storing items away provides a more financially prudent option for our customers. Storing items in a storage unit can accumulate ongoing fees over time, without generating any returns. In contrast, our business helps customers declutter their space and turn their unwanted items into cash, providing a tangible return on investment. Customers can free up space, generate income, and avoid the ongoing costs of storing items away, making our business a more financially sensible choice.


In summary, In & Split LLC provides a more lucrative solution for turning unwanted items into profits compared to traditional options like Goodwill, garage/estate sales, or keeping items in storage. Our streamlined process of selling items online through various platforms, combined with strategic pricing strategies, allows our customers to maximize their earnings. With us, you can avoid the hassle of organizing sales events or the costs of long-term storage, and instead, effortlessly generate more income from your items. Choose In & Split LLC for a profitable and efficient way to sell your unwanted items online. Contact us today for an initial consultation and experience the financial benefits of our innovative business model.

  • Average of 200% more in sales verse a garage or estate sale
  • Garage sales price is roughly 5-10% of retail
  • Estate sales price is 10-30% of ecommerce
  • We take care of shipping material returns allowing higher profit for our customers